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In EXTRU-PUR project, we have successfully developed a new top class of energy-saving window frame employing PUR as a single structural and functional material (acting as a thermal, acoustic and moisture barrier). The goal in this project is to achieve a highly productive, energy-efficient and fully automated technology able to produce bioPUR window frames in a production-on-demand Industry 4.0 environment, enabling a significant decrease of manufacturing costs by lowering the consumption of raw materials, reducing the energy required and avoiding unnecessary stocks while lowering the generation of wastes.

SAFE-PUR Project

In SAFE-PUR project, we developed a new PUR insulating foam with highly improved passive fire safety that significantly reduces the flammability and slows the fire propagation (main causes of fire damages), as well as lowering the smoke emission and avoiding the toxicity of released fumes (main causes of fire fatalities). In addition to the sustainable bio-sourced composition of SAFE-PUR foams, harmful foaming agents, noxious stabilizers and other toxic additives have been avoided or replaced with the aim to reduce the risks for human health and potential environmental impact.


In Doing More With Lignin Project, we are developing new lignin-based PUR formulations to provide low C-Footprint construction materials with advanced properties. This is a collaborative project where INDRESMAT will demonstrate with real products how we can deliver more sustainable products into the market by employing lignin a natural resource.