Thermal insulation, Acoustic comfort & Sustainability

The power of (Bio)Polyurethane


Buildings & houses release the major part of fossil CO2 Emissions (39% of the total emitted) and according to the EU Commission policies, we need to reduce the energy consumption to fight Climate Change. To contribute to this common objective, INDRESMAT is developing 2 innovative European projects of a high impact (EXTRU-PUR & SAFE-PUR) for a resource-efficient, low carbon & circular economy in the construction market. 



Polyurethane (PUR) is a high-performance material with excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance, being also highly sustainable because it contributes to save energy (Energy efficiency), it may be obtained from renewable raw materials (Resource efficiency) and it's also a recyclable material (Circularity).

Energy Saving

(Reduction of CO2 emissions)

Low C-Footprint

(Use of renewable raw materials)


(Circular use at end-of-life)