"Driving high performance & sustainability to construction plastics"

Our Company

INDRESMAT is an international chemical start-up with a broad know-how in Polymer Science & Technology. Our mission is to become a game changer in the construction plastics market enabling a large scale production of high performance & sustainable Polyurethane (PUR) materials towards the Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings &  Circular Economy.



Our company is participates at "Redefining Chemistry", a prestigious international incubation program carried out by Brightlands Innovation Factory at Chemelot Campus (Limburg, NL), which is one of the largest entreprenaurial chemical ecosystems integrating more than 150 companies (multinationals, SME, start-ups, research institutes, etc) with a strong focus on sustainability of chemicals & materials of the future.


Why Thermoset Polyurethanes?


PUR is a co-polymer made of two different basic units (polyols and polyisocyanates) with multiple available combinations, being the most versatile polymer material with a great potential to be implemented in the construction market as structural plastic. 


PUR it's a well-known material due to its excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical properties with one of the highest thermal and acoustic insulating capacityMoreover, PUR has a high potential biobased content (up to 90%) with the greatest production capacity of all bio-based plastics (>2.000 Mtons/y).


High Performance & Sustainable Materials


- High performance plastic.

- Extremely versatile material.

- Products with increased durability.

- Recyclable & sustainable products.

- Raw materials of renewable origin.


- Thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance.

- Resistance to corrosion, impact and wear.

- Resistance to solvents, oxidants and others.

- Self-foaming properties for insulation.