We progress really fast...

MARCH 2020 - Barcelona: 

Our company has been winner of ACCIO - Startup Capital funding program 2019, being one of the 20 early-stage startups selected in Catalonia during the evaluation process. Within this new project, INDRESMAT will accelerate the market arrival of our Polyurethane windows through marketing and dissemination actions. Click here for additional info.


MARCH 2020 - Barcelona: 

INDRESMAT has presented EXTRU-PUR and SAFE-PUR in Advanced Factories Congress in Barcelona to demonstrate how industrial startups will revolutionize the future market including new technologies Click here for additional info.


FEBRUARY 2020 - Barcelona: 

The Movers & Shakers Award jury has nominated INDRESMAT as a finalist in the "SME of the year" category as a promising chemical startup to change the construction market materials. This recognition is very special because it comes from our birthplace city: Barcelona. The Barcelona International Business Club organized this event, where 21 finalists were selected in 7 categories, being recognized young leaders in their fields with a sustainable vision of the economy. Click here for additional info.


JANUARY 2020 - Bolzano: 

Klimahouse has taken place in January in FieraBolzano and they have included our first CE marked window EXTRU-PUR in their trend report 2020 for the future of housing. Our window frames and profiles are an example of how construction materials can be sustainable and at the same time reducing CO2 though energy efficiency by design of buildings and houses. Click here for additional info.


JANUARY 2020 - Bonn: 

The prestigious organisation ISC3 - International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre company has selected INDRESMAT as the 1st  Start-up of the month in 2020.  This is a great recognition to our company, not only because of our vision for the future of the chemical sector and construction market, but also for a better world. Definitely there is only one way: Sustainability and Circular Economy. Click here for additional info.

JANUARY 2020 - Groningen: 

Our company has been finalist in the Sustainable Industry Challenge taking place on Jan 7-8th at Groningen. During this event, INDRESMAT's mission was to challenge Suiker Unie company to develop new biobased chemical blocks based on derived sugars to be introduced in PUR market for the development of more sustainable construction materials. Click here for additional info.


NOVEMBER 2019 - Barcelona: 

Our project EXTRU-PUR  has been a winner of NEOTEC 2019 funding program of CDTI (Spanish Industrial Technology Development Centre). This new funding will allow us to implement a manufacturing pilot plant to introduce our first developed product into the market: A highly sustainable new top class of Energy Saving Polyurethane Window. Click here for additional info.


OCT 2019 - Cologne: 

INDRESMAT qualified as the 3rd best European Chemical Start-up according to the jury of the Chem Startup Award formed by prestigious organizations such as Henkel, Covestro, Yncoris, Siemens, Lanxess or Science4Life. At this competition, celebrated on October 29 at Cologne, our company received a prize due to the innovativeness and disruptive projects we develop for the construction industry. Click here for additional info.


OCT 2019 - Eindhoven: 

Our company joins the Regional Consortium Project "Meer doen met lignine" (Doing more with Lignin), getting fully involved in the dutch circular ecosystem. On October 1st, at Eindhoven, it took place the kick-off of this 3 Million budget project which is integrated by Attero, Bio Treat Center, Chemelot InSciTe, INDRESMAT, Vertoro and Vito. Click here for additional info.


SEP 2019 - Geleen: 

Our new Project SAFE-PUR has been granted within the H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 funding program to perform a 6-months feasibility study and market prospection about the products to be manufactured, demonstrating the high potential and innovativeness of our disruptive technology. This new project reinforces the commitment of our company with the sustainability and high performance of insulating materials.


SEP 2019 - Dusseldorf: 

As part of the big family of the European chemical industry, INDRESMAT has attended the most important summit celebrated on September 26 in Dusseldorf. The novelty showed there this year was the exposition of our first developed and certified product: a novel top class of Highly Energy Efficient Polyurethane window.


SEP 2019 - The Hague:

Our company has been invited to pitch in front of high qualified investors in the Hague on September 18th together with other start-ups from the dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem at the facilities on Van Lanschot Private Bank. We shared there stage with interesting startups and presented our progress of Q3.


JUNE 2019 - Rotterdam:

Due to our strong focus on sustainability-related products, INDRESMAT has been invited as a speaker in this amazing event on June 25 in Rotterdam to inspire and challenge the audience towards a more circular industry. Our company together with other start-ups showed real solutions to be implemented to contribute to our common goal: Reduce the CO2 emissions to Fight Climate Change.


MAY 2019 - Barcelona:

INDRESMAT participated at the International Construction Fair Construmat at Barcelona from May 14th to 17th. Our company has been selected as a finalist of SORIGUÉ INNOVATION CHALLENGE, being sponsored at the event by this important construction company. Progresses in EXTRU-PUR and SAFE-PUR projects have been presented to potential customers and collaborators receiveing numerous and valuable positive feedbacks.


MAY 2019 - Berlin:

NDRESMAT has been invited to the 9th Annual New Product Development & Innovation in the Chemical Industry Summit at Berlin from May 15th to 16th. Our company shared our vision about the global challenges that chemical and industrial start-ups are facing nowadays and how important is to enhance the collaboration of corporations with start-ups in order to bring disruptive technology and products on this conservative market.



MAY 2019 - Frankfurt:  

INDRESMAT has qualified as a finalist in the Science4Life Technology Slam Competition in the category "Energy" at the event celebrated at KfW-Bank in Frankfurt on May 9th. Our project EXTRU-PUR has been presented to the audience with special emphasis on the energy-saving performance of the Polyurethane foam materials in Highly Energy Efficient Windows made from a partially biobased formulation containing a 30% of renewable raw materials mainly coming from vegetable oils.

MAY 2019 - Dresden: 

INDRESMAT has been invited as speaker to the 4th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference on May 7th celebrated in Dresden (Germany) to explain the challenges that entrepreneurs face in chemical start-up companies. We shared an overview of the European ecosystem in the chemical sector and how start-ups should collaborate with large corporations, inspiring scientists, academics and students from the chemical sector in order to challenge them to become entrepreneurs related to their research & development activities.


MAY 2019 - Rotterdam:

Our company has been one of the selected start-ups in the ICOS Capital Innovation Challenge that was celebrated on 1st May in Rotterdam. As part of the ceremony where innovative start-ups are invited to explain their projects, INDRESMAT has presented the projects EXTRU-PUR and SAFE-PUR to qualified investors and some interesting connections were made during this event.


MARCH 2018 - Munich:

INDRESMAT has participated in the Seminars of Processing and Machinery in PSE Europe (International Exhibition for Polyurethane Solutions) in Munich on March 28th. We shared stage there with important companies in Polyurethanes Processing and showed for first time how our pre-market products for frames & profiles for Highly Energy Efficient Windows will look like.


FEBRUARY 2019 - Frankfurt:

INDRESMAT participated in the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering on Feb 26th at Frankfurt. After our first experience during the ECP Summer Summit, where we connected with top chemical industries, our company has shown the progress made during 2018. During this event, new ideas and interesting connections came up related with our projects EXTRU-PUR and SAFE-PUR.


FEBRUARY 2019 - Barcelona: I

NDRESMAT has been invited to join the IQS Tech Fest as a start-up representing the guest country of this year's event: Netherlands. We come back to the origin to share our international experience within the most important event for industrial start-ups in our birthplace city: Barcelona.


JANUARY 2019 - Maastricht: 

INDRESMAT has been granted within with LBDF PoP funds in EXTRU-PUR project for the development of new PUR formulations with the aim to validate the pre-market extruded construction plastics prior to the development of the manufacturing technology at industrial scale. 


JANUARY 2019 - Barcelona: 

INDRESMAT has been granted within the H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 Program in EXTRU-PUR project to perform a 6-month feasibility study and market prospection about the products to be manufactured, demonstrating the high potential and innovativeness of our disruptive extrusion technology.


DECEMBER 2018 - Frankfurt:

INDRESMAT participated in New Plastics Economy Investor Forum, where start-ups and investors met together interesting and highly potential developmets within sustainability and circularity of plastics in Dechema Frankfurt on December 7, 2018. Our company showcased our first pilot products as examples of what we will do in the future.

Click here for additional info.


NOVEMBER 2018 - Maastricht: 

We participated in the LIOF Van Lanschot Business Angel Meeting as one of the 9 selected start-ups to pitch in front of the most active investors in Maastricht on November 20, 2018. Our Company pitched EXTRU-PUR project with emphasis on the economic and market roadmaps to follow during next years.

Click here for additional info.


OCTOBER 2018 - Brussels:

INDRESMAT participated in the SusChem Brokerage Event as one of the 9 start-ups pitching how EXTRU-PUR will enable sustainable construction plastics in front of main chem innovators at Hotel Plaza in Brussels on October 23, 2018.  Our Company pitched how EXTRU-PUR will transform the construction plastics and targeted segments during market arrival.

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SEP-2018 - Dusseldorf: 

INDRESMAT participated in the European Chemistry Partnering Summer Summit in Düsseldorf, which was celebrated at the Henkel headquarters on September 25, 2018. We pitched EXTRU-PUR project in front of the most important chemical companies at European Level. At this event, we met potential investors and collaborators during 1-on-1 meetings, as well as potential partners and suppliers needed to develop the project.

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MAY/JUL 2018 - Geleen:

INDRESMAT got on board in the "Redefining Chemistry Program" of Brightlands Innovation Factory, a 2-year international incubation program that is carried out in Limburg (The Netherlands). Our Company has been selected as one of the 8 international start-ups from out of 330 candidates over the world to participate in the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. INDRESMAT is joining a unique world-leading innovation ecosystem in the fields of smart materials and sustainable production of chemicals. Click here for additional info.


APRIL 2018 - Valencia:

INDRESMAT participated as speaker at the conference "Are Thermosetting Resins Extrudable?" during the International Seminar Plastics Are Future organized by AIMPLAS Plastic Technology Institute scheduled for April 25, 2018.Our Company brought at this conference our vision of the greatest technological challenges to be overcome for thermosetting resins to occupy a place of reference in the extrusion of plastic products for construction and other industrial sectors. Click here for additional into. 


JANUARY/MARCH 2017 - Vigo:

INDRESMAT joined the Start-up Academy of the Accelerator Program Via Galicia, which is carried out at the Business Center of Porto do Molle of Nigrán (Galicia, Spain). In the Academy Phase, a basic mentoring program based on the lean start-up methodology was released to the 40 selected projects from out of 200 initial projects for different markets and sectors.

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OCTOBER 2017 - Barcelona:

The International Plastic and Rubber Event (EQUIPLAST 2017) became the mise-en-scene of INDRESMAT, presenting the design of our innovative extrusion technology at the Networking Activities. INDRESMAT also participated in the Watify event "Sustainable & Advanced Materials" presenting a pitch focused on the future development of new biobased extruded plastics for construction and industrial markets.

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JULY 2017 - Madrid:

An article revealing the thermoset PUR resins extrusion technology designed by INDRESMAT was released within the Modern Plastics Magazine on the issue of July 2017, which main topic was focused on plastics processing technologies. The article reflects the market context and the advantages related to the manufacturing process, some of the potential applications and the main features of the products enabled by this novel technology.

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