First Extrusion Technology for Thermoset Polyurethanes

Extrusion is the most important manufacturing process in plastics and EXTRU-PUR is a disruptive extrusion technology able to manufacture Extruded Thermoset Polyurethane Products for first timeenabling new applications for construction & industrial markets.

New Applications & Markets


Building & construction is the most important market where 60-70% of rigid plastic products are made by extrusion-molding. The products to be manufactured will incorporate the innovative features of plastic thermosets, mainly related to their great resistance to temperature, chemical agents and to mechanical stress, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation capacity.


Improved extruded products


- High productivity

- Low cost technology

- Energy saving process

- Simple and versatile extrusion machines

- Fast start & stop operations during production


- Profiles/frames for Energy Efficient Windows

- Highly Resistant Pipes

- Insulating Roofs with Impact Resistance

- Bars, plates, beams, etc


- Building, Construction, Civil Engineering 

- Chemical Industry, Water and Oil & Gas

- Electronics and Electricity

- Automotive, Naval, Aeronautics and Space